Our sages of time coined the term Pancha Maha-Bhoota meaning 'Five Great Elements', the spectrum on which everything in our lives revolve i.e Space, Air, Water, Sun and Earth. Much like these five great elements of nature that govern our beautiful world, the universe of PKSBE is also governed by five distinct elements. It is these elements' seamlessly working together nature that makes PKSBE a truly radical school.
The one who is infinite in his thoughts and creativity, Prahlad Kakar symbolizes Akash, (Space). He is the cosmic energy, under whose safe haven, the other elements shine. Wisdom, creativity and dynamism is what Prahlad brings and that adds spark to leadership.
Pratish Nair the second most important element at PKSBE, representing Vayu, (Air). Just as Air is needed for sustenance, Pratish is the oxygen through which all strategic activities of entrepreneurial learning and filmmaking at PKSBE breathe life. Pratish can either be a gentle breeze or a whirlwind when motivating students to reach their potential.
Jal (Water), which nourishes life and quenches our thirst is symbolically represented by Reah Irani. She gives the PKSBE universe the much needed tranquility to tackle all problems with ease. Like water, she is an agent of change and counsels parents, teachers and students alike.
What would our Universe be without the Agni (Fire) The most vital source of energy at PKSBE is Priya Menon who like the Sun brings light into the lives of its students. With her vibrant energy she is able to nourish and transform student's lives for the better.
Mitali Kakar represents Prithvi (Earth). She is the magnet that keeps all the elements in conjunction with each other. Like Earth, she gives structure and shape to all the programmes in PKSBE.
Just like the Pancha Maha-Bhoota of nature, the core team and founders are the building blocks on which PKSBE students turn their dreams into a reality.
Prahlad Kakar
Prahlad Kakar Founder & Chairman read more
Pratish Nair
Pratish Nair Co-Founder & Managing Director read more
Mitali Dutt Kakar
Mitali Dutt Kakar Co- Founder & Director, Ad-Filmmaking and Branding read more
Priya Menon
Priya Menon Co-Founder & Director, Marketing Communications and Outreach read more
Reah Cama Irani
Reah Cama Irani Co-Founder and Director, Operations read more
Reah Cama Irani
Reah Cama Irani Director Operations, PKSBE read more
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