Prahlad Kakar
Prahlad Kakar
Founder & Chairman, PKSBE

Prahlad Kakar

, is a renowned Ad-Film Director and founder of, Genesis Film Production, one of India's oldest and foremost ad-film production houses since its inception in 1977. With Genesis Film Production, Prahlad virtually invented a genre of television advertising in India in the years that followed. He has ruled the advertising world with his brand of irreverent humor, memorable brand building campaigns and has created award-winning commercials for the most reputed corporates and agencies in India and the Asia Pacific region. After having assisted renowned feature filmmaker, Mr Shyam Benegal he moved onto advertising films. 'To tell a story in 30 seconds in the most engaging way possible' remains Prahlad's reason for his continued passion for ad filmmaking, even three decades later. Known as the 'Ad Guru' he has been instrumental in changing the face of advertising in our country, bringing in the appropriate 'regional Indianness' and values into an urban context through his films, creative workshops, articles and interviews. He has helped create memorable campaigns for brands like Pepsi - 'Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby, Aha!'; Gold spot - 'The Zing Thing'; Maggi - '2 Minutes!'; Britannia - 'Ting Ting Ti Ting'; Limca - 'Zor ka Jhatka Dheere Se Lage' and Maggi Sauces ‘It's Different’ amongst others.

Some of our past clients include:

  • Nestle(India and Pakistan)
  • PepsiCo(India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam and, New York, USA)
  • Unilever (India)
  • Britannia Industries Limited
  • Videocon
  • Procter and Gamble (India and Vietnam)
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Inc.
Through the years, these corporates continued to communicate their brand stories through Prahlad making films that captured the dreams and aspirations of his vast target audience. He ruled the ad-filmmaking business and has won several awards for technical excellence, innovation and creativity in advertising over the years in India. Prahlad Kakar won both Gold and Silver awards including 'Campaign of the Year' for the Pepsi commercials at AAAI in 1996. His public service films for CEAT won awards at the New York Festival of Advertising. Commercials directed by Prahlad have also been nominated at the Cannes Lions International Festival.
Post the span of thirty years, Prahlad Kakar; earned himself a Lifetime Achievement Award by the IAAFA in the year 1999 and Genesis Film Production was awarded the top Production House for Two years in a row in 2003 and 2004 by the Brand Equity. Prahlad Kakar's aesthetic sensibilities have found shape and form in the hundreds of films done over a career that spans over four decades. His impeccable story-telling, centered around the product, has always been the key to his success.
Prahlad's passions include his Scuba Diving School, Lacadives, operational in Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands and his own brand of gourmet cooking restaurant. A staunch believer of living large, Prahlad Kakar has given shape to his myriad interests and effectively converted many into profitable ventures. His passion for food and people has proved instrumental in his association with a variety of restaurants, enabling him to introduce diverse tastes and styles of dining to the city of Mumbai.
He is also a man with social conscience. He is the co-founder member of Reef Watch Marine Conservation, which is involved in creating marine awareness, education, scientific research and documentation. Both Prahlad and his wife Mitali, are certified scuba diving instructors, successfully heading 'Lacadives', the premier scuba diving school in the Kadmat and Bangaram Islands of Lakshadweep and presently in Wandoor in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Today, several companies consult Prahlad, who provides innovative solutions for promoting and brand building of various products and services. He even conducts creative workshops, motivational and leadership interactive sessions for the top and middle management executives and university students to deal with current issues and future challenges specifically designed for every company's needs. After years of planning to venture into education, Prahlad along with his partners - Pratish Nair, Mitali Kakar, Reah Irani and Priya Menon launched PKSBE in 2016, to take their cumulative experience in the fields of Branding, Marketing Communication, Education, Logistics, Corporate Training forward and to mentor, train and groom young budding entrepreneurs and help them set up their businesses.
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